Friday, 8 June 2012

Making Music

I've played acoustic guitar since primary school, and have managed to keep it up. I started learning classical guitar in Year 7, and despite the fact I should practise a lot more, am trawling through Grade 5 (which I might even be ready to do the exam for, one day) and I think I'm certainly improving, little by little.
As well as classical, I've always enjoyed casually strumming a few chords and singing along to various songs. Occasionally, me and a friend of mine (called Renee) record the odd cover here
and there and upload to Youtube, with the band name 'Ruthless Mindz'. Since there are only two of us, it's all acoustic, and it's all recorded with a pretty bad microphone- but, here are a few link to a couple of songs we've covered anyway:
We're trying to form a full band with a couple of other friends, but it's not going particularly well. We go to different schools, and have nowhere to practise together. On top of that, our drummer doesn't really have access to his drum kit.
Oh well, maybe one day we'll get our act together, stay tuned!
Neither of us have a massive knowledge of music theory, and we haven't managed to string together any original songs as of yet, but we're trying our best!
I was also given a photo shoot voucher as a Christmas present, and did a shoot with RLS Arts for the band. Here is one of the results, and if you want to see anything else about the two of us you can look at our Facebook and Youtube accounts.

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