Sunday, 3 June 2012

Introductions and Apple Toast

Good Afternoon, Bloggers!
I used to have blogs, but every time I make one it just seems to fall to the back of my mind and never get posted on. Now, however, I think I have some motivation, and have been urged to make a blog by my good friend Steph, and my Mum (both blogs definitely worth a look). I intend to share news and creative pursuits, and sometimes thoughts that simply come to mind.
As a person, I'd say I have a rather large sense of adventure, and I love to be spontaneous and experiment. Speaking of my experimental nature, I love to experiment with food, trying unusual combinations. Although I do have some drastic failures, sometimes some really nice things can come out of it.
One of the more successful ideas would be Apple Toast.
Something that's definitely not an original idea, but people seem to think is rather strange. Trust me when I say that it makes a pretty tasty breakfast or after-dinner snack, and it only takes a couple of minutes to make - it's literally just stewed bramley apples on toast, with sugar and cinnamon- and it looks a bit like this:
Taken with my trusty camera (Canon Powershot SX220 HS) it probably gives you a good idea of why I love apple toast. I almost want to make some more right now...
Anyway, this brings me on to another of my hobbies, photography. I don't own an SLR, because I like to take spur-of-the-moment pictures, and having to faff around changing lenses just isn't practical for that. Maybe by using a compact I lose some of the quality in pictures, but I really like my camera and have always been happy with what I achieve with it. It certainly takes excellent pictures for a compact!
Thanks for reading, I will update as soon as something you might find interesting pops into my head. Follow or comment if you're interested, and I will be happy to follow back!
- Megan


  1. Hi Megan, I just hopped over from your Mum's blog. That apple toast looks super, one to try here. And a great photo too - I'm with you on not fiddling on changing lenses etc. and am a Canon fan too!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  2. Hi there MEGAN, another friend of your Mum's here. Feel like I know you already as she loves to tell us about you lol. I love your toast.Over here we eat apple bread which is like potato bread but with apples in it. Its flat and lovely when heated up:) Will be trying this apple toast though, I love anything with apples in. Oh just a thought a lot of young ones, including my daughter who has just finished her first year at art in uni have blogs using you might want to check it out. Its very popular with artists, photographers, etc.

  3. Hello there fellow blogger!...^^
    Your blog looks awesome...I'll look forward to lots of food related posts! ;)

  4. Hi Sweetie,
    I love the look of your blog, the apple toast looks delicious, but i'm thinking if I make it I might just do a sprinkling of crumble over the top, thanks for the idea.
    I love your Mam's blog and I just know i'll find lots of interesting reads at yours too.

    Hope your having a good bank holiday.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  5. ooh wow this looks delicious! .. can't wait for more recipes
    Lisa x

  6. apple toast is awesome.
    its all about the apple toast song!

  7. Thanks for the comments all! All the other versions of apple toast sound really interesting... good to know I have fellow photographers reading too! x