Monday, 27 August 2012


Due to being away, being busy, and then being somewhat distracted, my blog seems to have been rather neglected of late. So, today, I have made myself a cup of tea, and now I am going to blog.

Now, onto the post!

Whilst I was away, during the first two weeks of the summer holidays, we went for a fair few walks around nature reserves. We found that most of these areas were heavily populated with dragonflies and damselflies. These were two of the main things I took (or attempted to take) photos of, and I developed a certain interest in them. After buying a little fold-up guide to dragonflies, I am now successfully on the way to calling myself a Dragonfly Geek.

Below are a female Common Darter, a Blue-Tailed Damselfly, and a male Common Darter.


  1. Superb photographs Megan, I can see you got your mums liking for camera.

    Well done on those results, a little birdie told me you see.

    B x